Horshader Shop and Cafe

Community based shop and cafe

We have relaunched the Horshader Cafe with a shop to support the local community.  Initially reduced opening over the winter months so that we can grow alongside the needs and requests of our local residents.

We work especially hard to bring you food thatis great quality, home made and suitable for as many peopple as possible.  Our range of home cooked Gluten Free food is especially well received by our customers and we also alwas try to ensure we have something for everyone.

Support us to support you

We don't want to use the cliche of "use it or lose it" but the more support we can generate the more flexible with opening times, offers, groceries and services we can become.

As part of the Horshader Community Development the shop and cafe will be run on a "not for Profit" basis with any money generated being put back into the shop and cafe and then the Horshader Community "pot".

Environmental Impact

We strive to produce wholesome produce in the cafe as well as the shop.  Our aims over the next 12 months are to increase our locally produced stock to continue the ethos of Horshader Community Development, by putting our environment and community at the centre of our projects. We are striving to save waste, lessen our carbon footprint and be as local and self sufficient as we can.

We are very excited about the prospect of working closely with the Horshader Growing Project at the Polycrubs who produce amazing quality fruit and vegetables.  Seasonal produce will be available to buy in the shop and will be key ingredients of our home made seasonal soups served with freshly made crusty bread.

We have not forgotten about our take-out packaging either.  We have tried to ensure that 100% of our takeout packaging is fully recyclable and most of it is home compostable too.  We are trying to protect our environment as much as possible.

Shop opening times

Monday      12.30 - 7.30

Tuesday     12.30 - 7.30

Wednesday    C L O S E D

 Thursday    12.30 - 7.30 

Friday        12.30 - 8.30

Saturday   12.30 - 6.30

Sunday   C L O S E D